Automatic Milk Frother – For That Perfect Cup Of Coffee Beverage

Having a great cup of coffee with frothy milk is a very special experience. If you are one of the millions of people who indulge in a coffee beverage every single day, making that cup worth drinking is worth the extra time by finding the right tools to win over that special flavor.

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Milk Frother

Milk Frother Results

Most Americans seem to prefer their drinks like lattes and cappuccino with hot frothed milks so, it seems that the manufacturers of espresso-brewing appliances now sold in the United States have some type of frother apparatus connected to it. Therefore, when purchasing an espresso machine, be sure that a frother is part of the machine. You will be looking for a small pipe (sometimes called a nozzle, pipe or steam stylus) generally around a 1/4 inch in diameter sticking out from the side of the machine.

This blog is dedicated to automatic home milk frothers, that tool which takes simple milk and makes a creamy, rich topping for cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos and any other hot beverage you can think of. In addition to the automatic milk frother, let me go over a few other types of milk frothers as well so you know exactly what you are purchasing and looking for. Most of my comments are from the reviews on Amazon so, in each category, I have picked the best milk frother to review.

Electric or Automatic Milk Frother: Froth Au Lait Frothing Unit.


Automatic Frother

If you need to have an automatic milk frother as a companion to a coffee or espresso machine which holds up well to daily use, the Froth Au Lait Frothing Unit seems to be a hit. This type of machine takes a bit more time to put together and clean,  BUT, there is no doubt, the people who use this machine, really enjoy what it produces, the quality and the excellent price. Also know that the machine makes sauces and deserts so, it does have a multi-use cooking platform. Before you buy any other machine, read the product

Hand Held Frother

information and review on this machine.

Hand-Held Milk Frother: Aerolatte Milk Frother, Satin Finish.

If you have tendonitis, arthritis or some type of disability which does not allow you to pump a milk frother, this type of frother might work well. In 30 seconds or less, you can have frothy milk without too much fuss.

Hand Pump Frother

Pump Milk Frother: Faenza Cappucino/Milk Frother – With this type of frother, you pour milk into a container and replace the lid on the container. The frothing mechanism is inside the lid so once it has been properly secured, you can start pumping. For a thicker frother, allow the container to sit awhile and then put it in the microwave. However, some people prefer their milk heated first before they start pumping. The pump milk frother is simple, inexpensive and easy to clean because usually, the entire product can be submerged into water.

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