Milk Frother – Does Your Coffee Really Need it?

So many of us enjoy a good coffee beverage, like espresso. that is hot and well made. Coffee is a part of our lives in so many ways – we sometimes forget, our daily cup may need a makeover now and then. A dull cup of coffee could use a new flavor,  a different kind of sweetener or perhaps, a little bit of froth. Froth?

There are so many different ways to prepare a coffee drink but foam adds so much to whatever drink you making. Milk froth adds a bit of sweetness to a drink when prepared properly. Properly made froth heightens and lifts the coffee drinking experience. Un-frothed milk is flat and dull. Just ask someone who has been drinking a cup of coffee every morning for ten years then, suddenly added froth to it. It can be a cosmic experience!

When choosing the milk for your beverage, be aware that non-fat and low-fat milk is easier to froth but, the quality of the taste which is added to your beverage will lack. Therefore, may we suggest you use full fat milk and have a bit less froth in  your drink. In other parts of the world, like Italy, only full fat milk is used. I would think you would want to do the same.

Research what kind of frother  you would like to have. An automatic frother makes life easier but if you do not have electricity where you will be making the drink, a hand pump one will do. Go back to the beginning of this website and you will get a glimpse at the various kinds of frothers available. A good coffee drink doesn’t have to be expensive but with a little bit of research and time, your new daily coffee routine will bring a bit of magic to your day.

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