Secrets Of A Great Cup Of Cappuccino: A Quality Milk Frother

To make a great cup of authentic cappuccino at home, assemble your ingredients and use the following guidelines. Remember, it may take several times to make the cup that best suits your palate but at the end – it’s worth it!

  1. Make a rich, small quantity of espresso. One to two ounces is best. If you have a pump or piston machine, use it. Find a quality North American espresso blend and press it into a six ounce cup.
  2. Next, froth the milk. If you have an automatic milk frother, make the froth a bit dense that is full of tiny bubbles as opposed to large ones. The froth should just begin to peak when you run a spoon through it. Remember, the froth should be hot but not scalding. Note: Use a thin edged metal pitcher.
  3. Pour the properly made froth into the cup. The milk and froth should move into the cup at the same time. Encourage the froth with a spoon. If the froth stands up at the edge of a cup like meringue, the froth was not properly made. An authentic and correctly made cup of cappuccino is indicated by a rim of brown crema created by the espresso.

Drink. Even if the cappuccino is not perfect, keep trying different espresso blends. Precision comes with practice. You are not trying to become a barista, you are trying to make a great cup of cappuccino that suits your palate – which, by the way, is usually better then most coffee houses in the United States.

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